About Us

Heli Surveys was formed with, and continues to be operated by a philosophy and commitment to being ‘Part of the solution’ for land-care professionals. In every aspect, and in everything we do, the safe operation of the aircraft and the wellbeing of its occupants is our first and highest priority. Always.

Heli Surveys has been involved in land care management for the last 20 years and we understand that our future is determined by the service we provide. Our focus is on the needs of the customer, and the task, not just their aviation requirements. With regular clients ranging from government agencies and private business to members of the general public, we have the equipment, expertise and ability to provide a safe and cost-effective solution to any task directed at us.

Not all jobs require the helicopter to be working the whole time. When the helicopter is not needed we won't ‘lean on the shovel’ while you work. Consider the advantage in time and manpower that you gain, when every person on board, including the pilot is a worker. Whether beside the client, or even working unsupervised, getting our hands dirty on your behalf is one of the things we do best!

From collecting frog spawn, to lugging fence posts and hay bales, and planting native grasses, we have done it all! We believe it is this kind of complete service that accounts for so much of our return business.

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