Aerial Work Operations

The Heli Surveys team have been conducting a wide variety of aerial operations safely and professionally throughout Australia for more than two decades. Our versatile fleet allows us to quickly and easily re-configure and deploy for any airborne task, and our highly experienced operations team are the experts at finding effective and efficient solutions to any challenging requirements.

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Heli Surveys has extensive experience conducting thermal imaging surveys collecting data on a wide range of target species including pigs, goats, horses, rabbits and deer. Thermally assisted surveys have proven to be a highly effective and accurate tool in the management of pest animal species, and we have a variety of equipment and methodologies to match the scope and specification of any project.

Working side by side with experts in the field to provide a complete package to our customers, covering the entire process from data collection to video analysis and statistical modelling, utilising cutting edge imaging technology and tracking, we are truly set apart from our competitors.

More Information on Thermal Surveys

Visual Aerial Survey and Mapping

One of the most regular tasks performed by Heli Surveys is survey and mapping. Using the latest technology, GPS-interfaced mapping systems and standard aerial survey equipment (transect bars), accurate maps and/or population estimates of anything from weeds to wild horses can be achieved. Additionally, using a sophisticated radio telemetry tracking system, radio collared animals including pigs, wild dogs, goats and spotted-tail quolls can be successfully tracked and located.

We view land management as a primary role of our business. As such, our knowledge and dedication to the environment is evident in our regular customer base, who range from private companies to universities and government land management agencies.

Aerial Crane and Sling Load

Without question, one of the greatest capabilities of helicopters is their ability to move things quickly, efficiently and safely when there simply is no other option. We regularly lift a wide variety of loads - anything from tower building or relocating building materials, gravel and fencing into remote locations to stock feed and sand bags in flood effected areas.

Heli Surveys has extensive experience in high precision aerial crane operations in the alpine environment, operating safely and effectively at high altitudes is what we do best.

We can provide everything required to make your next lift job a success:

If you would like more information or a quote, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Fire Support

Heli Surveys is a comprehensive provider of a wide variety of bushfire support tasks. With our local knowledge of the alpine region and the vast array of specialist role equipment that can be fitted quickly to our helicopters, we are the ideal choice of operator.

Every Heli Surveys aircraft is certified and capable of providing the following services:

In addition to our aircraft, we also provide a variety of ground support services including refuelling equipment, maintenance and logistical support.

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