Colin de Pagter – Chief Pilot / Director

Colin grew up on the family farm on the NSW Western Plains, near Coonamble. He worked for NSW State Forests for 7 years before qualifying as a commercial helicopter pilot, and has been flying helicopters professionally for 10 years. Colin has had a working association with Helicopter Aerial Surveys since the early 90’s. When the opportunity to purchase the business presented itself, Colin saw it as the perfect opportunity to move himself and his family back to the bush from his Sydney based flying position, (Chief pilot, Blue Sky Helicopters) and indulge a love of the bush with his passion for flying. “Too many pilots see the task at hand as a necessary evil to be endured for the love of flying; This cannot be serving the customers best interests, I get as much satisfaction from assisting and being part of the task itself as I get from the flying. This love of both aspects that makes me believe I have the best job in the world.”

Carl Bruce – Director

Carl is a fixed and rotary wing pilot with over 18,000 hours experience, flying anything from the Airbus A380 to ultralights. He has always had a love and fascination with helicopters. In the early eighties when I was embarking on an aviation career I saw more opportunities in flying fixed wing aircraft. “Now 34 years later I am still involved in my first love, helicopters. Colin and I are philosophically and ethically joined at the hip. We have, from day one, had the common goal of aviation excellence and customer service in all aspects of our operation.”

Kathryn de Pagter – Office Manager

While the flying is being done somebody has to hold it all together on the ground. Kathryn is our office manager and holds a degree in Accounting and Information Technology. She looks after the day-to-day operational tasks and is always happy to help out in the business where needed.


Heli Surveys have a number of crew persons available to help with more specialized tasks, should you require them.