Aerial survey and mapping

One of the most regular tasks performed by Heli Surveys is survey and mapping of anything from weeds to wild horses. Using GPS interfaced with mapping systems and transect bars accurate maps and head counts can be made for assisting land managers in a range of activities.

Using a sophisticated radio telemetry tracking system, animals such as pigs, wild dogs, goats and spotted qualls have been collared and successfully tracked in order to help with their management.

Land management is a primary role of our business, our customers range from private companies and universities to government agencies and they use our services each year because of our knowledge and dedication to the environment.





1972423_519879538122791_9187147176094974002_nAerial crane and sling load

Sling loading of anything from roofing iron, hay bales, gravel and fencing into remote locations to stock feed and sheep in flood effected areas.

Without question, one of the greatest capabilities of helicopters is their ability to move things quickly, efficiently and safely when there simply is no other option.

Heli Surveys has extensive experience in aerial crane operations in the alpine environment.

We can provide the following for your next sling job:

• Lift capabilities of up to 600kg’s
• Ground support personnel
• Certified lifting equipment with a wide range of capabilities
• Long line capabilities of up to 200ft+

If you would like more information or a quote for your next sling job, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


10344886_526229384154473_28521504700780596_nFire suppression and hazard reduction aerial ignition

Heli Surveys are available for all tasks associated with bush fires and their suppression. With our local knowledge of the alpine region and the vast array of role equipment that can be fitted quickly to our helicopter, we are the ideal choice of operator.

Heli Surveys can provide on ALL our helicopters:

  • Water buckets and long lines
  • F.L.I.R. (Forward Looking Infrared) and GPS mapping
  • Aerial ignition using the Premo MKIII incendiary fire lighter






 Scenic flights

ALL year around over the Mt Kosciuszko National Park. This is an area of unrivalled beauty, from the majestic twin peaks of Mt Kosciusko and Mt Townsend to the rugged Rams Head Crags. No one knows the park from the air better than our pilots, so no one is better placed to show it to you. For more information click here.